Dr. med. univ. Birgit Mayr
Dr. med. univ.
Birgit Mayr
Dr. Mayr is a practitioner of general medicine in its original meaning; her philosophy is holistic in approach, giving the required time to diagnose, and offer a choice of therapy individually adapted to each patient.
Her extensive training led her from the Trauma Hospital Klagenfurt, to over two years at the Cambridge University Teaching Hospital Bedford where she managed medical, surgical and psychiatric emergency cases, and subsequently to the Orthopaedic Department of the Medical University of Vienna with the main focus being treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. Conservative classical, orthopaedic practises, as well as musculoskeletal medical methods, have become her major area of interest and activity.

She collaborates with colleagues in specialist fields of medicine, with physiotherapists and psychotherapists; she considers the attention towards sense and soul to be fundamental for the interdisciplinary care of her patients.
Due to her international training and experience, Dr.Mayr speaks fluent English and Italian.
She takes pleasure in caring and speaking with her English and Italian patients in their mother tongue.
Dr. Mayr accoglie con piacere i suoi Pazienti anche nella lingua italiana.

* Musculoskeletal diseases represent an unexpectedly large part of the spectrum of health problems in today's busy world. Only15% of the underlying causes can be discovered through aradiograph. This is where Musculoskeletal Medicine can help. It is the logical conclusion in the process of classical orthopaedictreatment. The Doctor's hands are often the simplest and most effective instrument for healing. By going back to the basic and exact anatomy and focusing on the soft tissue, especially tendons, ligaments and muscles, long standing orthopaedic problems can be properly diagnosed and given the correct treatment.