Dr. med. univ. Birgit Mayr
Dr. med. univ. Birgit Mayr
Kohlmarkt 12/9
A-1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43/(0)699/101 200 68
Fax: +43/(0)1/25 33 0 33 13 65

Alleestraße 34
A-8580 Köflach (click for directions)
Tel.: +43/(0)660/42 42 605
Fax: +43/(0)3144/71 959

Our answering machine will inform you of the best time to reach us!
Important notice: We can not receive text messages (SMS) due to technical reasons.

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Cancellations: I give a lot of time to my patient during an appointment. Each appointment is exclusively booked for each patient, this time slot is therefore unavailable to anyone else, as long as you don’t cancel your appointment in time. A cancelation is considered timely, if the appointment is canceled two working days in advance and if the cancelation is confirmed by us on phone. Please note that for any cancelations later than this, the full doctor’s fee will be charged, according to the fee directives of the Medical chamber.